Rudolf and Ruth Lenhart sell household cleaning products until 1968. Their sales activities nourish their desire for their own business. Rudolf borrows money from his father to buy an empty warehouse in Waiblingen-Neustadt and founds Rudolf Lenhart GmbH on November 12th, 1968.

The company starts producing fabric softeners, multi-purpose soap for house cleaning, shampoo and bath essences with extremely simple means, tools and equipment. As a matter of fact, the Lenharts develop their first recipes in the family kitchen at home.


In 1969, Rudolf Lenhart brings his brother Johann on board and together the highly motivated brothers develop new ideas. While Rudolf is in charge of material staging for production, his brother supervises both engineering and production. Johann is also responsible for the design. As a matter of fact, his new bottle design attracts customers and increases turnover.

Ruth Lenhart is in charge of administration but also lends a hand in production.


The company is running out of space. A new production and office building is built near the first workshop.

Most of the products made at Lenhart are trucked to distributors in the western parts of the Federal Republic and sold in self-service shops.


The enterprise continues to grow and needs to expand again. The building is extended by 50% and in 1999 a new workshop is built. The corporate machine pool is updated to the latest state of the art.


The owners’ sons Frank and Axel Lenhart take over the company on January 1st, 2014.


The product portfolio continues to grow. To meet the customer needs, their production facilities are extended once more in 2017.