Compared to other oil crops, the oil palm produces much higher yields per cultivated land area. For sufficient oil to be produced for an increasing global population with growing demands, there is no alternative for palm oil and palm kernel oil. They provide so-called derivatives, which serve as a raw material for the cosmetics industry. A replacement by other oils would inevitably involve a higher demand for agricultural land so that the problem would merely be shifted. Consequently, the declared aim of trade and manufacturers is to pursue a sustainable cultivation of palm oil. Through purposeful additional purchase of sustainably cultivated palm oil we help to support and strengthen the farmers concerned.

Since January 16, 2019 Lenhart has been a full member of the Round Table of the Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) an organization dedicated to renewable palm farming. Since January 2, 2019 we are certified according to RSPO supply chain standard. This certification authorizes our company to supply our customers with certified products via the supply chain model Mass Balance.

A key challenge for the future will be to guarantee a certified origin for all raw materials gained from oil palms, so that all of the products we distribute will come in certified quality. We will reach this ambitious goal by a proper selection of suppliers, a change of suppliers, if need be, and a reformulation of existing products.